Our clients appreciate our compassionate approach, open communication style, and determination to resolve cases quickly, fairly, and as cost-effectively as possible.

I would absolutely recommend Mr. Kishore to anyone needing counsel and representation in family law. From the very first time I spoke with him about my divorce and throughout a long matter, he was courteous, friendly, sincere, patient, and professional. He took the time to explain processes and options, made sure my questions were fully answered, and was amazingly responsive to my e-mails and phone calls. In mediation, he was highly effective in advocating for my best interests while also achieving an agreement the other party would accept. His support made a world of difference and I very much appreciate it!

— Eric S.

Worked with Mr. Kishore on my uncontested divorce case.  During my consultation, he provided the level of confidence I was expecting. He was incredibly understanding to all my needs and requests. He walked me through the process from start to finish and explained to me what I needed to know and what it meant with regarding my case. He handled them in a highly professional manner. He did an exceptional job!!!!
And within 12 weeks, my divorce process was complete! I would highly recommend Mr. Kishore to anyone looking for positive results. I wanted to express my sincere thanks for a job well done Mr. Kishore.

— Kim Dzung

Mr. Kishore was extremely helpful and patient during my divorce process, which took 16 months from the time I first approached him to understand the Maryland divorce process until I finalized my uncontested divorce. He explained all of the options, recommended a wonderful mediator and was always willing to answer phone calls and respond to emails with questions. I highly recommend Mr. Kishore for anyone who is going through the divorce process and wants clear, kind and helpful instructions on how to proceed in the least stressful manner.

— Jessica

I definitely recommend Attorney Mr. Kishore for any issues with divorce or family law. I contacted him due to the testimonials I had seen once I got to the firm’s website. He clearly articulated what were the pros and cons of the divorce especially since this case involved someone living abroad, explained the process step by step and briefed me as well as the witness thoroughly before the hearing took place With the result judged in my favor. I was pleased with the professional service and quick response to my emails or phone calls as well as notifying me of any things relevant to the case till it was done. My sincere thanks.

— A.C.

Mr. Kishore was a great counsel to us during a very difficult time. He was incredibly prompt in returning all of our phone calls and e-mails. He was very professional. After working with a handful of other lawyers I felt Mr. Kishore really cared about what was in my family’s best interest. I highly recommend him and will use him in the future if need be.

— Jenell Kronick

I believe we all hope to never require Shah & Kishore services, arguably Mr. Kishore is meeting me/his clients during the worst time of our lives. Despite the circumstances, Mr. Kishore was very friendly, open-minded/hearted, and patient. During my case, Mr. Kishore was responsive; returning every phone call very quickly. He took the time to explain the legal process in detail; ensuring I understood the realities of settling or going to trail. His also went above and beyond with tireless efforts to assist in settlement by participating in mediation. It is very clear Mr. Kishore is a passionate counselor and has extensive knowledge of Maryland case law. I would recommend Mr. Kishore and the firm to fellow soon to be divorcees in a heartbeat.

— N. Lewis

Mr. Kishore handled my divorce case. He took time in explaining what is involved and what can I expect. He is not only knowledgeable but his experience helped in mediating a settlement in the custody portion of my case.

Mr. Kishore is very professional in his attitude and makes sure the client is always informed. He demonstrated his skill and expertise in handling the case in the courtroom. I highly recommend this firm.

— K. Kuppa

I hired the law firm of Shah and Kishore after checking and reviewing the google reviews online. I came to Mr Kishore for a consultation on filing for Divorce. He explained everything to me on the Pro’s and Con’s regarding my case and the most economical way to proceed with the legal process to get my Divorce. i decided to hire Mr. Kishore as my attorney.

In Court Mr. Kishore demonstrated in front of the judge his professionalism and his knowledge of the law in order to protect my interest. I was very happy with the outcome in my case. I highly recommend Mr. Kishore to anyone needing the services of a Family Law attorney.

— Mr. Nguyen

I endorse Mr. Kishore as my experience with his services were seamless from the moment we spoke on the phone. Mr. Kishore dedicated his time, even his weekends, to return my calls from asking simple questions to needing his advice to my case. Mr. Kishore is a true professional with extensive knowledge in handling legal situations with his best interest at heart for his clients. I felt secure, understood, advised, and the ability to fully trust in this new transition in life.

— Natalia Lau

Mr. Kishore did a great job in providing the services I needed through this difficult time. I would recommend his services to anyone. Thank you Mr. Kishore!

— Sharon Kay

Mr. Kishore, is professional and result orientated Family Lawyer. He analyses and advises his clients on an individual and per case base. He has a strong knowledge of how the law works and listens to the needs and requirement of his Clients.

He will always work for his client and has his clients best interest at heart. He will work to always get a positive outcome.

I do highly recommend Mr. Kishore in Family Law Matters.

— SM

I worked with Mr. Kishore for my child support and custody case and he was very responsible always on time and made sure I was ready for court He made sure that I understood the pros and cons about each point. He guided me well through each and every process and he never lost his patience even if I asked the same question multiple times. He was there from the beginning till the end and made sure that I did not miss any timelines. He is an experienced lawyer who has lots of knowledge to lend to your case,Thanks Mr. Kishore for all your help.

— Alyssa Gruskin

I worked with Mr Kishore for my case and he was very responsible for each details. He made sure that I understood the pros and cons about each point. He guided me well with all the complications about the laws and he never lost his patience even if I asked the same question multiple times. He was there from the beginning till the end and made sure that I did not miss any timelines. Thanks Mr Kishore for all your help.

— Sudeep Prabhakaran

I would like to thank Mr. Kishore for his excellent support and legal services provided during my divorce proceedings.

I hired Mr. Kishore at a very late stage of a long divorce battle. From the very beginning Mr. Kishore was very honest and straight to the point with regards to what can realistically be achieved this late in the proceedings.

Thereafter, he provided timely and helpful advice regarding all different aspects of my case. He let me know all of the important information regarding the trial, explained all of the possible options, whilst we both kept in mind keeping my costs low. Eventually he succeeded in settling with a very difficult party a day before trail and that in itself was an achievement.

I am very thankful that Mr. Kishore took the time to explain all the options all the way through the case and on few occasions putting into perspective the best options in the long run. His support and advice during this difficult period of my life are much appreciate it and I would recommend his practice to anyone.

Thank you again and best regards.

— Timur Chirikov

I am very satisfied with Mr.Kishore’s services. I left him a message after office hours and he immediately contacted me back to discuss my case. I needed Mr. Kishore to represent me on a child custody and child support hearing. On our phone conversation prior to our initial meeting, I briefly explained my case and Mr. Kishore patiently listened and provided the best possible solutions that were cost effective and time efficient. He patiently guided me and provided advise during our mediation, and handled the negotiation professionally. If you are looking for a very experienced attorney, Mr. Kishore is definitely the person to go to. I recommend this firm 100%. Thank you Mr. Kishore for all your help.

— Hafiona Nataprawira

Mr. Kishore handled my divorce case with the utmost professionalism and demonstrated his experience in negotiation. His counsel provided for a smooth process considering the sensitive nature of a marriage separation. I highly recommend his firm!

— T. Custis

I had a very nice experience with Mr. Kishore regarding a family law matter with an international component. Mr. Kishore may not be the least expensive option around, but he is knowledgeable about Maryland state law and procedures and worth every penny. Mr. Kishore has a very professional demeanor both with his clients and in court and achieved a successful outcome in a timely manner. He also took the time to explain the issue and procedures to me so that I knew what to expect before the proceedings began. I also realized later that he did not make tall promises that he could not meet and was very careful in describing future outcomes in an accurate and factual manner. Thank you for turning a stressful situation into a one that was manageable and had a terrific outcome.

— Mukul

I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Kishore is a highly experienced and professional attorney. From the first phone call to the final court appearance, the professionalism and attention to detail were nothing short of fantastic. They kept me informed and most importantly, they got me results. I’d recommend the firm to anyone going through a divorce, custody, separation and want to get the results they know can’t be had without professional help.

Mr. Kishore, I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into getting this done. Just wanted you to know that I really appreciate everything you’ve done. I can’t thank you enough for the time and patience you spent explaining everything to me. THANK YOU!!!

— K.P.

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